Sarasota Scholastic Chess Fall Tournament - Nov 2014

Thanks everyone for participating in our Fall tournament!  Click here for full results table.  Some tournament photos have been posted on our Flickr site.  If you have some to contribute, please let us know. 

Top 3 players in each section were:

Open:  Greg High, Steve Leverich (tie for 1st), Joshua Widrick

K-12 U1200:  Chris Patrick, Jaden Probus, Ari Ginsberg-Klemmt

K-5 U700:  Alexander Fic, Tyler Klinger, Banyan Gilkey

K-3 U500:  Vince Oser, Maeva Ginsberg-Klemmt, Trey Banyard

Top 3 school teams:  Southside Elementary, Pine View, and The Classical Academy of Sarasota


Our events are open to players from kindergarten through high school, divided into sections based on age and ability.  Don't be discouraged if you've never been in a tournament before.  It's still a fun full afternoon of chess, and the sorting that takes place from one round to the next pairs you up with more and more appropriately matched opponents.  After each win you go on to face more challenging competition.  After each loss, your competition gets easier, so it's well worth continuing to play, whether you win or lose. 


  • K-3 U500 -- open to students up thru 3rd grade, below 500 rating*
  • K-5 U700 -- open to students thru 5th grade, below 700 rating*
  • K-12 U1200 -- open to scholastic level players thru 12th grade, below 1200 rating* (the majority in this section have been 6th-8th and below 800)
  • Open/Invitational -- new section for invited adult players and for student players who are above our scholastic rating cutoff or would like a higher level challenge.

* Ratings based on prior SSC tournament results, or a more recent UCSF rating if it is based on at least 15 games.  Ratings and grade level cutoffs are subject to change in order to better balance numbers in each section.  Please see our Tournament FAQ section for additional explanations about ratings and other tournament features.


  • Five rounds, Swiss System (no elimination-- all players play all five rounds). 
  • 30 min for each of the first two rounds, then 40 minutes per round Sections K-3 and K-5.  Games not completed by the end of the time alotted will be assessed and decided by a tournament judge.
  • Clocks will be used in the Open/Invitational section.  In K-12, if either player desires a clock, one will be used.  Time control of G15;d0 in the first two rounds, then G/20;d0 (15 or 20min. per player, no time delay).


Early registration is now open.  $15 (40% off) until 1 week before tournament day, then $20 thru Thurs Oct 30.  $25 onsite registration.  $10 for first time scholastic participants.  $15 for firsttime adult participants.  USCF membership not required since this is not an official USCF event.


  • Individual trophies awarded to each of the top 6 places in each schalastic section.  The Open/Invitational section will have cash prizes awarded to the top three finishers instead of trophies, $60-$40-$20 or higher based on number of entries.
  • Team plaques for top 3 school teams.  More info in the Tournament FAQ section.
  • Medals for all scholastic participants.
  • Sarasota Scholastic Chess car magnets for all participants.


In official US Chess Federation tournaments you are normally required to bring your own tournament chess set.  Since we know many kids don't own their own regulation sets, we will provide the sets to use in all but the Open sections.  Open section players will need to bring their own sets and clocks.

Schedule: (subject to change)

Please note that in order to start promptly at 1pm, we require you to register by 12:30pm.  If you can't make it in time for the first round, you can arrange in advance a first round bye (receiving 1/2 pt as if there were a draw).  Late registrants may have to forfeit their first round match.

  12:00-12:30pm Onsite/Late registration
  12:45pm Announcements
  1:00-1:30pm 1st round (30 min)
  1:40-2:10pm 2nd round (30 min)
  2:20-3:00pm 3rd round (40 min)
  3:10-3:50pm 4th round (40 min)
  4:00-4:40pm 5th round (40 min)
  5:00-5:30pm Awards


Pine View School (in the Student Union/Cafeteria), 1 Python Path, Osprey, FL


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Sunday, November 2, 2014 - 12:30pm