Free Interactive Chess Steps Lessons for 1000-1750 rated players by National Master Han Schut at 4pm April 15

Dear all,
We are living in challenging times.
To support you through these difficult times, I will start streaming free, interactive, chess lessons on my YouTube channel.
The content of the lessons will be Step 4 of the Chess Steps Method. For more background on this method, please read my blog:
The official website ( states that this Step is for players up to USCF 1750.
My teaching experience with this Step has been primarily at the 1000-1500 USCF rating range.
The lessons are for adults and kids.
The first lesson will be about: Elimination of Defence - Interfering
The set-up of each lesson will be:

  • Instruction
  • Exercises
  • Game analysis

In the first lesson I will analyze the game between Benjamin and Michael from the Sarasota February Tournament .
The lessons are interactive and I need active participation in the chat for the lessons to work.
The Steps method learns you to See (evaluate the position) and Analyze (calculate variations).
I can only teach that by asking the students a lot of questions.
To support active participation, I will award each lesson a 1-month Diamond Membership to a student in my lesson.
The Diamond Membership will get you unlimited access to all the features of including video’s, lessons, puzzle rush and game analysis.
Date:        Wednesday April 15
Time:        4 pm EST (i.e. after the Carlsen – Firouzja chess24 banter blitz final starting at 1 pm)
Where:     Han Schut Youtube channel (
The full curriculum of the program:

    1. Opening advantage
  • Interfering
  • Luring
  • Blocking
  • Thinking ahead
  • The pin: luring
  • The passed pawn
  • Eliminating the defence
  • The magnet
  • Weak pawns
  • Material advantage
  • Chasing and targeting
  • Attacking the king
  • Seventh rank
  • Endgame strategy
  • Clearing
  • Queen against pawn

I hope you join and we can have a fun learning experience together.
Kind regards,
Han Schut


Wednesday, April 15, 2020 - 4:00pm