We have purchased a batch of Gold (full access) memberships that we are able to assign to student members that are interested in using them.  The regular free memberships let you play other kids online, and the gold memberships provide great learning and training material including interactive lessons and videos.

If you have played in one of our tournaments in the past and would like to use the great features that a full ChessKid membership offers, we can set up an account for you.  If you don't use the features that a gold membership includes, we will reassign the gold status to other kids that are interested in actively using them.  Your account will still be active, but just downgraded to the regular player level.  Gold level can be reassigned later.

The website is really nice, with teaching videos and lessons, opportunities to play friends or other random kids, and great puzzles that adapt to your own level.  A great opportunity to improve your chess skills.  Apps for Android and iOS make it nice and portable.

If you are in one of our area school clubs but have not played in one of our tournaments yet, we may be able to include you as well, if space permits.  Clubs that would like to enroll more of their students may benefit from working with us, since larger batch memberships give better deals for everyone.

See their website for more info, including their excellent safety policy.

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