Chess Websites for Kids ( – the kids part of, one of the top sites for playing for free over the internet. They offer much more with a gold subscription, including lessons, videos, and puzzles.  If you have played in one of our prior tournaments, we can give you free access to these through a block of subscriptions we have purchased for the use of our players.  Here is a sample fun animated video called "The Magic of Chess".  

ChessKIDS academy ( -- is a complete resource for free educational material, including interactive chess lessons with cartoon characters, quizzes, videos, games and puzzles for kids, and free downloadable chess books for kids.  The style of the lessons may or may not appeal to you.  ChessKIDS videos created by Peter Lalic – are as basic and informative as the ChessKIDS academy, but presented by video in a different and more mature style.  This may work better for some students. 

Chess for novices ( -- is a great site for learning from the very beginning to more advanced.

Rockford Scholastic Chess -- is a club in Rockford, Illinois, which had been active in teaching kids for years, but it seems they either took down their site or it was hacked. Their free instructional resources ares still available and can be printed out.

Jrobichess ( has great instructional videos.

The SW Florida Chess Club has very nice instructional pages which are worth a look, though many are for more advanced players:

More great online resources have been compiled at .  These include information about the history of chess, rules, strategy, and other topics.  Scroll to the bottom for "Chess for Kids and Beginners."  Thanks for the link Peyton!

Thanks to Carter for another nice page of chess info:  :)

Please share with us any other websites that you find helpful and would recommend to other kids.