Chess Movies and TV

My Brilliant Brain - Make Me a Genius is one of three episodes of an excellent National Geographic TV documentary series exploring the workings of the brain.  This episode features the mind of Susan Polgar, who was taught chess as a child by her father.  By the age of 15 she was the top woman player in the world and went on to become the first woman Chess Grandmaster.  She also taught her younger sister Judit to play.  Judit has gone on to become the top woman player ever.

My Brilliant Brain - Make Me a Genius (Episode 1).


A couple of good chess movies that kids will enjoy and may inspire them:

Searching for Bobby Fisher -- Strongly recommended.  Not a story about Bobby Fischer, but one about Josh Waitzkin, who became fascinated by chess at age 6 and went on to become the top junior player in the US.


Knights of the South Bronx -- A  feel good movie based on a true story.  Stars Ted Danson as a teacher that inspires and changes the lives of a group of inner city kids through the game of chess.





Brooklyn Castle is newer movie that has been highly recommended.