World Chess Championship Special – Six players share first place in Sarasota November Open

After jointly watching and analyzing the second game of the World Chess Championship match between Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana for 2 hours, 16 players competed in the 5 round Sarasota Chess Academy November Open. National Master Ronald Holt from Holiday (FL) played his first tournament in 14 years. Just like Jeffrey Ward he showed the courage to return to tournament play and enjoy a good chess battle without worrying about his rating.

Anatoly Offengenden wins Sarasota Chess Academy October Open

Sarasota Chess Academy celebrated National Chess Day by organizing a 5-round USCF tournament in the  G&G Bridge Club on Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota. The 18 participants were a mix of strong experts, aspiring youth players and experienced seniors.

Gabriel Morris played his first USCF tournament and booked his first victory. Tournament Director Han Schut awarded  Gabriel for his courage and performance with the book ‘Strike Like Judith!’, a fitting prize as Judith Polgar organized today the Global Chess Festival (#ChessConnectsUs).

Chess Simul and Lecture

Café Longet and Sarasota Chess Academy


Chess Simul and Lecture

by National Master Han Schut



This event has passed -- local newspaper coverage:


Sarasota Top Ranked player Han Schut will play against 10 players at the same time in a clock simul. Each player and Han will have 45 minutes for the entire game. As Han will be playing on 10 boards simultaneously, this means he will have less than 5 minutes on average for each game! Are you up for a challenge and able to beat the master?

Simul winners will receive a Café Longet gift voucher of $15, -

Sarasota Chess Academy July Open

Jeff Ward wins Sarasota Chess Academy July Open

On Sunday July 1, fourteen players participated in the Sarasota Chess Academy July Open. Jeff Ward won the tournament with a perfect score of 4 out of 4. Jeff had not played regular games over the board for over 2 years but often plays online on Although his play was a bit rusty at times, he overplayed his opponents each time again under time pressure. Because of his tournament victory Jeff sees his regular rating improve from 2069 to 2084, a new all-time high for Jeff. So, for all players who are sitting on the bench because they are afraid to lose rating points, Jeff provided a good strategy to reenter: play online to get tactically sharp again and then pick up over the board games again.

We have purchased a batch of Gold (full access) memberships that we are able to assign to student members that are interested in using them.  The regular free memberships let you play other kids online, and the gold memberships provide great learning and training material including interactive lessons and videos.

If you have played in one of our tournaments in the past and would like to use the great features that a full ChessKid membership offers, we can set up an account for you.  If you don't use the features that a gold membership includes, we will reassign the gold status to other kids that are interested in actively using them.  Your account will still be active, but just downgraded to the regular player level.  Gold level can be reassigned later.


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