Sarasota Presidents Day Open

Sunday February 17 at the In Between Bridge Club 4414 Bee Ridge Road Sarasota 34233.

In honor of US presidents that played chess * the Sarasota Youth Chess club (USCF #A6052185) is holding a day of chess events.

  • USCF rated tournament five rounds G25/5. The entry fee will be $25 cash day of events (no early payment required). Check in begins at 11:30 and closes at 12:00 PM.  1st round 12:15 PM.  All players must have USCF membership.  Prizes based on 14 entries. 1st Place $110, 2nd $70, 3rd $60, best under 1600 $40. Cash prizes 80% of entry fees.
  • Youth Suncoast rated event. No clocks. Entry fee $20, cash at door, Check in begins at 11:30. 1st round 12:30. 4 rounds, medals and chess books as prizes. Section prize(s) based on entry. Rounds 12:15, 1:15, 2:15, 3:15. 
  • Youth fun play and instruction area $13, all receive Step workbook. Widely used in Europe it is designed to teach and help children learn and improve their play.
  • Casual play area for all. We can have an unrated tourney with cash prizes.
  • A lecture and display of chess sets by Rick Knowlton, author, and sculptor will speak about his new book, A World of Chess Its Development and Variation through Centuries and Civilizations. Available at

For more information or to register for the events contact Mark Hamel Registration will assure that we have enough workbooks.

*It is estimated that more than ½ of the Presidents played chess. When asked by his wife what were his favorite forms of entertainment, Washington replied, “I read, my lady, and write and play chess.” Jefferson often played chess with Benjamin Franklin and owned the most famous chess book at that time Analysis of Chess, by the legendary French composer Philidor, then regarded as the best chess player in the world. 




Sunday, February 17, 2019 - 11:30am